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I have been strength and power training for the past six weeks to build more muscle, and I am ecstatic to say it has paid off. All the lifting, the change in my nutrition for a specific time, feeling uncomfortably hungry because of the higher carbohydrates, without grains, I was eating and the amount of calories needed to build instead of maintain. It has begun to show in my workouts, both cross training and dancing. Now I am transitioning back to eating higher quantities of good quality fat, through organic, grass-fed meats, oils from organic extra virgin olive to avocado, flaxseed and grapeseed, sprouted seeds, a small amount of nuts, and Superfoods! I am very excited about returning to superfoods as an amazing source of micronutrients and quality fats in my nutrition. My brain was carving them. Some of these I am incorporating are maca, gogi berry, cacao nibs/powder, honey, hempseed/hemp hearts, coconut, spirulina and chlorella, aloe vera, and eventually marine phytoplankton. A little goes such a long way in both vitality and preventative health and I will attest to it. All of these ingredients in their purposeful quantities and organically sourced provide protein, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, coenzymes, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, polysaccharides and glyconutrients. If you are interested in your own research a great book to begin with is David Wolfe’s Superfoods. He explains the what, why, how, and history of, while offering interesting and simple to make recipes.

I have quite enjoyed traveling and setting up new spaces for upcoming workshops and classes. Check out the times and availability if you are in the area! Currently I am transitioning in to the holiday performance season and look forward to the new year and new opportunities!

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