Types of Cross Training

Many, if not all, of the positions and movements I’ve collected are fun and challenging in our Harrison Hammocks. For when we don’t always have a place to rig here are many options to keep up with your workout. Keep up the good work. Every day and every workout counts.

HIIT – high-intensity interval training is “brief, all-out work periods, separated by rest periods that you wish were just a little longer. The work-to-rest ratio can vary from 1:1 (for example, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off) to 1:4 or more, and the rounds can be just a few or 15 or more. But no matter how long you rest, the key is that you bring everything you’ve got to your intervals.” For the rest of the article and a layout for different types of athletes check out Bodybuilding.com.

Tabata – According to Active.com, “each exercise in a given Tabata workout lasts only four minutes, but it’s likely to be one of the longest four minutes you’ve ever endured. The structure of the program is as follows”:

  • Work out hard for 20 seconds

  • Rest for 10 seconds

  • Complete 8 rounds

These 8 rounds are a set, and you will change the movement while combining sets with a minute of rest between full sets.

An example of a Tabata workout looks like this:

  1. Push-ups (4 minutes)

  2. Bodyweight Squats (4 minutes)

  3. Burpees (4 minutes)

  4. Mountain Climbers (4 minutes)

Resistance Bands/Thera Bands – These are a great way to enhance your workout anywhere, at home on the go, traveling. You can carry the light weight, bulk-free thera-bands easily. Check out these different exercises at Greatist.com and change up your routine.

Body Weight Exercises – are another way to go without the extra props to carry if you travel as I do. Though bodyweight exercises do build muscle, it is more toned and lean generally. You will need to gradually add more reps to maintain and tone muscles. It is more about endurance than bulking. Here are 90 exercises from Popsugar.com.

Last but definitely not least! …

PHA – Peripheral Heart Action training is meant to BUILD MUSCLE & BURN FAT simultaneously! This takes only about 15 minutes as well! Many people try to burn fat with cardio training but aren’t able to keep the muscle on, or vice versa. PHA orients similarly to other circuit training with six barbell exercises of 5-10 reps then two minutes of rest to bring your heartrate back down before the next circuit. Working the upper and lower body alternatively moves the blood throughout your body and extremities challenging your heart and lungs as well as your muscles.

One Circuit:

Front Squat – 10
Overhead Press – 10
Reverse Lunge – 5
Bent-Over Row – 10
Back Squat – 10
High Pull – 10
2 Minutes Rest

Try to move through 4 circuits total and watch how you build strength as over time and it begins to feel easier samina-wise as well! For the pictures and explinations of each movement check out the article at Coachmag.com.

3 thoughts on “Types of Cross Training”

  1. Thanks for sharing these high intensity workouts. I have tried HIIT before and it killed me. I dont think this is suited for me and how my body is now. Its just super tiring and makes me real dizzy due to is fast movements and very little rest.

    1. That’s ok Kit! Everyone is bio-individual and what works for someone may not for you, and vice versa. If you are interested in other types of training you can try a slower, progressive resistance training and see how your body feels. I have a few ideas around here but feel free to message me and I’ll shoot some ideas over for you!

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