Jennifer Hawkins
This is the best part of my week!
Desirée Waits

Helped with the back pain I had been having for more than six months. I felt relief immediately after class was over! Thanks Kate
Mac Casey 
My back never felt better
LeQuisha Carter
Great deal. I thought it would be simple! What was I thinking? What a workout. It was an amazing and exhilarating experience. One never knows what they are truly capable of until they try it. Kate, the instructor, was awesome. I recommend trying this. Step outside of your comfort zone and let go. Have fun. Yoga with a twist.

Tara Thomas Peterson
Just tried this for the first time and it was awesome!! I feel more flexible and an inch taller. I can't wait to go back.
Thank you Kate!
Kiesha Williams
I tried this for the first time yesterday... Being in the taller and heavier side of things I was a little skeptical... but Kate was a super awesome instructor... She reassured me my body would surprise me and it did just that and some! I suffer from many many chronic body ailments and when I say I felt 1000% better after attending a class with Kate it was amazing. I recommend this class to any and everyone. And it's reasonably priced! Even better!
Julia Metzger
Tried this for the first time last night and loved it. Definitely stretched some muscles that hadn't been stretched in a while and it felt great! Will be back! Thanks for the class Kate!