So who tried one of the workouts from last month’s cross training strategies? I have found several to work well for me, and I am currently changing my approach to build a bit more muscle rather than to maintain. I’ve begun incorporating the Theraband exercises a few days a week, especially when traveling, with cardio on the other days, as well as a combination of the two, as ballet class requires a balance of both. I always include a rest day, though for me personally, my rest day includes a bit of light yoga and stretching. Basically, if I sit and do nothing for a whole day besides maybe walk around and stand as I meal prep I am miserable the next day and it takes a few extra days to return to my personal balance level. Remember everyones’ bodies are different so what you need may be very different from others. You can easily set a goal for yourself to maintain your personal balance. I know Vishen Lakiani uses 51 pushups and a certain notch in his belt, I go more by feel and ability in daily life and work. You could also reference a good energy level vs. mental or physical fatigue in your workout and/or day to day life.

So… Here’s another approach to your personal fitness level and a way to find that balance for yourself.


Those 6 pack abs is not going to happen over night. It is a process and a continuous one at that. Just as we call yoga a practice, your overall fitness is a daily construct that increases or declines over time depending on our practices and habits. In essence, use it or lose it, though I don’t want to see the extremes here. We want to ride that happy median, balance of things and not push so far that you have to recuperate or relapse to an old standard. Don’t work so hard in your session that you strain a muscle or injure yourself because it takes twice as long to recover and rebuild to that last point of fitness. Similarly, for those changing your nutrition, go for a gradual benefit and take the time. If you change it too quickly you are more likely to yoyo back, as those “dieting” often do, to where you were and the benefits are null. This I believe is true whether watching body weight or body fat percentage.  

Back to progression… Take it at your own pace. Find the right nutrition plan to assist in YOUR goals, and add gradually. Perhaps up the weight in your workout by 1/2 to 1 lb. a week if you are maintaining and aren’t looking for huge changes. If you want a faster change and are going through an intense regiment, perhaps you are able to up the weight anywhere from 1 to 3 lb. per week. For those that exercise more than 5 days a week with weights and/or have access to a trainer, monitor your own abilities and strengths but also remember to keep balance in the body!


Check out the next post for progression in your diet.

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