Magnesium saves me daily!

Lately I’ve had a difficult time relaxing and combating stress as I am on my feet all day between rehearsals, my workout, and working in a restaurant. Finding time to stretch and heal daily is a necessity though I always take extra magnesium to help my body properly function and repair. PubMed says over half of all Americans are deficient and completely unaware. Personally, I’d say most of the human race is deficient in Mg, the 4th most abundant chemical on earth. Think about that a minute…


With the increasing lack of nutrients in the soil, which we overuse and feed with chemicals that often have negative effects on our endocrine system, we are missing an avenue of gaining these absolutely essential nutrients through our food. Here we come to supplementation, a positive addition to our organically and sustainably sourced cuisine. Adding magnesium in its various forms (Mg Taurate, Mg Glycinate, Mg Citrate, Mg Chloride, and others) assists as it is responsible for almost 300 enzymes in your brain! Magnesium helps decrease water retention, achiness, irritability, and muscle cramps. An epsom salt (Mg Sulfate) bath with essential oils is another great way to relieve some stress. I always stretch afterward to keep the lactic acid from returning to sit in muscles. As you can see from the symptoms you may have felt yourself, Mg is involved in a wide variety of systems including cardiovascular, neural, muscular, bone, and hormone health. It’s important.

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  1. Nice information. Magnesium is one of the most important elements needed by our body so make sure to include magnesium-rich food in your diet.

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