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Your AntiGravity® Instructor

Kate Rouzer

I have been a professional Ballet Dancer since 2009 and have transitioned to freelance. I hold 3 AntiGravity® Certifications in Decompression, Aerial Yoga, and Suspension Fitness. I have taught AntiGravity® Fitness in the St. Louis area from 2013-2018, and am excited to be teaching in multiple locations across the US. I combine my understanding of the body, as a professional ballerina, as the Owner & Certified Instructor of AntiGravity®KR Aerial Yoga & Suspension Fitness, as an athlete, artist, student, teacher, soon to be Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, traveler, and entrepreneur. My goal is to make healing and lifelong health accessible to everyone willing to challenge themselves, to desire your personal higher self, physically, mentally, emotionally, & perhaps spiritually so we may share our best with and better the world. We will begin connecting a myriad of modalities of movement and thought patterns, bringing the physical and scientific to the stage along with the mental, emotional, and perhaps spiritual into play. My guiding approach and the Harrison Hammocks provide versatility and personalization for every flier, and this shows up in different patterns with our individual mind-body connections. The fun moments are when we rewire old habit patterns to new, improved perspectives and open space in the body and mind. I guide with clarity, safety and play so that we may surprise ourselves. I love gently challenging our individual extremes allowing more play between those extremes where we find true flow. I speak in a whole body approach down to the myofascial connective tissue encasing our muscles and lacing throughout our bodies. We strive for flexibility, mobility, and elasticity in body and mind that may open your thoughts to energy transfer and the quantum mechanics behind the physics of the movement in space.

I want to heal the body and allow the body to heal itself, yours and mine, by sharing the knowledge I have gained from personal experience, from other masters I constantly learn from, and the research I continuously compile. I have spent years caring for and maintaining my own body/instrument through massage therapy, stretching, strengthening, cross-training, weight lifting, rock climbing, Pilates, yoga, and many other modalities. I love offering a change in perspective and perception when I show you where the possibilities of movement in 3D space are with the assistance of AntiGravity®, including inversions and strength through length opening space in the body and the mind. When I see your face light up as soon as you achieve a movement or sequence you believed personally impossible, that is my reward because you also come to realize your possibilities are endless. We are never “perfect,” but that is the beauty; there is always something to level up and we can enjoy the process and journey of learning about ourselves and achieve what we never imagined we could. With AG®KR flexibility is not required. Willingness to enhance your current state of being and a little trust so that I may guide you is all I ask. The rest is play, showing up is the most difficult step.


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The Whole Body Approach

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Your Workout

I think cross training is important allowing our bodies to perform at the peak, in whichever direction we strive toward. For example, dancing daily with a ballet company uses so many outward rotating muscle groups, while a quick Hiit or Tabatta workout of high intensity interval training can balance out the parallel, stabilizing muscles, and Yoga keeps everything lengthening away from my strengthening, grounded core. If you need a little motivation one day take your workout outside and bring on the vitamin D.
I enjoy bringing a realistic approach to every workout. We wake with a different body daily. Everyone has a different proportions, and the versatility of the Harrison Hammock can easily adjust to so that you can surrender the unnecessary tension in your body to the material and flow. It is weighted to hold a minimum of 1000 lbs. The H-Hammock is there for you, trust it and you can fly. I'll bring the movement, you decide how much hot sauce to add. Remember this for you. Invest in yourself.

Staying Well-Rounded: Your Diet

Everything in this photograph is organic, grass-fed, and/or homemade. No matter what fitness and lifestyle you adhere to, your diet is what keeps you nourished and energized, or not, to achieve what you desire.
Let food be thy medicine
- Hippocrates
Many of the latest trends have great ideas behind them. As an athlete I prefer to maintain an Anti-Inflammatory approach balancing whole plant-based nutrition, allowing versatility between a fat-burning energetic state, with some grass-fed, organic protein for muscle repair, and carb-burning energetic state, adding as many organic, colorful vegetables as possible. I have found through research and practice eliminating grains, unfermented dairy, and sugar helps to maintain a level microbiome while supplementing with live probiotics, herbs, and Superfoods.

Functional Medicine: Preventative Healing From the Inside Out

Your body is connected through so many different pathways that we cannot separate them. The Brain is your switchboard. Your Endocrine System regulates so many individual functions from tissue function, mood, metabolism, growth, influencing nearly all cells, organs and functions of the human body. Your gut breaks down and sends the nourishing components to allow your mitochondria to power the rest maintaining balance throughout. Gut Health is very important, as Hippocrates stated, "All disease begins in the gut," but if your spine is out of line you can bet compression on an important system is causing disfunction as well.
I find the scientific chemical reactions of the body to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to have great effect, physically and emotionally. I have incorporated these Essential oils into my daily routine to enhance motivation, mood, truly restful sleep, and to help my body recuperate after intense exercise, or a week in the theater performing multiple performances a day. There are several wonderful companies to purchase from. I work with doTerra because of their nonprofit and humanitarian aid to their sources around the world. If you are interested or have a few questions please contact me for more details.
I make sure to see my Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and Acupuncturist regularly to maintain my physical and emotional health, as well.
Massage Therapist - Tim Casey
TCM Acupuncturist - Dr. Alex Chen Ph.D DAOM