What do I wear?

Wear workout wear that covers armpits (sleeve) and legs. Cotton or cotton blend fabric is best (non-slippery). Tops: sports bra for females. Not too loose for guys. Remember, you will be upside down. Bottoms: If wearing tights make certain they are opaqe (non-see through). If wearing sweats, tight around cuff of legs is best. No socks (unless they are sticky). PLEASE NO JEWELRY

Do I need to be physically fit?

Not necessarily. AG Fitness is more assisted than regular yoga because the AntiGravity Hammock supports you in your poses, but you can always challenge yourself within each pose.

AG Fitness, however, is easiest for someone who maintains a consistent fitness regime and has a strong core for endurance and faster, more intense movements.

Can AntiGravity® Fitness techniques heal my back pain?

Our licensed centers, instructors and practitioners around the globe all have amazing testimonials of healing through our zero-compression inversions. We are currently having studies commissioned in order to gather concrete evidence, until then you will only know by coming to class.

Which AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga or Suspension Fitness class is best for me?

This depends on your fitness level. I recommend that everyone start with a AG Yoga for a slightly slower paced class to become more comfortable working WITH your Harrison Hammock. In any case, remember that you are always encouraged to work at a level that feels natural to you.

Should I come on an empty stomach?

I recommend having something in the stomach to stave off dizziness, however, I do not recommend a big meal.

Will I get dizzy?

If one has a strong propensity for dizziness or a “hips over head” spatial awareness style dyslexia this could be a challenge. Ginger candy before class can help.

What are the contraindications (aka precautions) for AG Fitness techniques?

Pregnancy in the 1st trimester, glaucoma, recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist), heart disease, very high or low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis / bone weakness, recent head injury, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe arthritis, sinusitis or head cold, hiatal hernia, disc herniation or acute discogenic disease, recent stroke, artificial hips, radiculitis (inflammation of nerve root in spine), severe muscle spasms, botox injections (within 6 hours)
Some contraindications are specific to inversions, such as pregnancy in the 1st trimester, glaucoma, high or low blood pressure, recent surgery (esp. shoulder, eyes, back, hips, hands or wrist), heart disease, and vertigo.
Please consult your doctor about inverting. We can always work with movement without inverting in the mean time.

Can anyone do Aerial Yoga and Suspension Fitness?

Provided one does not have any of the contraindications listed herein and barring any physical abnormalities, anyone who can do at least 3 consecutive sit ups can do AntiGravity Aerial Yoga and Suspension Fitness. AntiGravity® Yoga Restorative (one of our Specialty Courses) is more gently therapeutic and therefore more accessible to all. To do all of the exercises in AG® Fitness, it is easiest for someone who maintains a consistent fitness regime and has a strong core.

Are all aerial yoga classes alike?

AntiGravity® Fitness is the original aerial yoga technique. Over 7 years went into the development of the technique after Mr. Harrison created the apparatus. He created a very specific nomenclature and sequencing that can be done safely. AntiGravity® is the only aerial yoga/fitness technique certified by the AFAA. Any other aerial yoga technique is a knock-off from the original and should be considered risky.

Are you sure the Harrison AG® Hammock will hold me?

Every portion of the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock is rated for well over 2000 lbs. (9 Kn)(908kgs). The points in the ceiling in an AG Fitness approved center have been placed by a professional contractor and certified by an engineer and are rated to hold at least 1000 lbs (4.5kn)(454kgs) per set up).

How yoga-like is AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga?

This depends on your instructor. Although it is a hybrid technique, the class is a perfect formula for a body/mind/spirit class that brings about awareness. AG Fitness Aerial Yoga classes in fitness gyms do not tend to be as spirit based as they are in yoga studios. Every class starts with a levitating meditation and ends with a floating sivasana.

What if I am afraid?

The difference between fear and excitement in the body is relaxation. In AG® Fitness we bring ourselves to presence before we begin class. During an inversion you are only 3 inches off the ground. Remember what FDR said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” and Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something every day that truly scares you”. In truth, over 6000 people practice AG® techniques safely every day. You can do it too!