Personal Training Approach:

As a professional dancer, athlete, trainer, and more I have learned throughout the years that the simplest realignment or movement will target the imbalances in your musculature to support your physical frame, though it is difficult to do on your own. Yes, even coaches have coaches and trainers have trainers for that objective point of view.  What I enjoy bringing to the table is my understanding of the body in motion. We move in forward/back motions, side to side, up and down, but the body is capable of so much more.  The ability to train and shape the intricate connections of muscles as well as the larger weight-bearing supports allows you to regain and move beyond your perception of capabilities into new opportunities and enjoyment of your body and your life.

This for you. Invest in yourself.

The AntiGravity® Approach:

I offer Suspension Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Restorative Inversions and Decompressing Meditative Sessions that will turn you upside down, kickstart your important biological systems, and shift your thought patterns in ways you'd never expect.

Through our sessions we expand both the body and the mind, gaining height and rewiring those neural pathways for increased fun while also lengthening and strengthening.

You defy gravity by rolling out of bed onto your feet every morning. Here we use and enhance the decompressed space in your spine and body for sustainable strength and protection, maintaining great posture and stability for the rest of your day, the rest of your long, active life!

All I ask is that you show up, find your own intention to meld with your movement or stillness, and trust me to cue you into something new and exciting. If that is an extra millimeter into a stretch, movement, or a completely new series, allow yourself to be surprised by your transformation!

I enjoy bringing a realistic approach to your workout. We wake with a different body daily. Everyone has different proportions, which the Harrison Hammock can easily form to. I'll bring the movement, you decide how much hot sauce to add.


This for you. Invest in yourself.

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"Before bringing AntiGravity Fitness Techniques to the public, I spent eight years in development. I am a Broadway Aerial Choreographer with my own rigging company “Aerials by AntiGravity®” whose safety record is impeccable. We created training standards for aerials on stage for Actors Equity Association and assisted O.S.H.A. on developing safety protocol for live aerial performance. We are hired to fly celebrities from Mariah Carey to Richard Branson to Nathan Lane. Since launching AntiGravity Yoga in 2007, we have continued to create more suspension fitness programs and to refine and nuance every move and sequence to assure safety in both teaching and execution. AntiGravity techniques have been approved by AFAA, ACE, CYQ & Yoga Alliance. Your safety is my very first consideration." Christopher Harrison
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